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Google Updates its new Logo !

Google Updates its new Logo ! 
Google has a new look and its pretty much interactive and interesting . Google changed its logo after almost 16 years . The previous logo was introduced in 1999 . The previous logo gave a lot of fortunes to Google in terms of their revenue and expanding with purchase of YouTube , introduction of Google Chrome and Google plus but what this new logo will hold , only future will tell . 
 The Introduction of New Logo is a key and a start to restructuring of Google as it is now a subsidiary under Alphabet ( new Parent Company introduced ) . The change started with Larry Page progressing as CEO of Alphabet and Sundar Pichai given seat of CEO of Google  on 10th August , 2015 . What impact this restructuring will have on Google , only time will tell but August ,2015 will be remembered as the key time for Google in future ! 
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