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Coke Studio Episode 1 Review

Foresee what treat sound of nation brings !

Coke Studio Preview
The music lovers can again  take a sigh of relief as their weekly dose of music is back . Coke Studio is thought to be the pioneer of some wonderful music ever produced in Pakistan . Previously from season 1 to season 6 , it was produced by Rohail Hayat . But later , he refused to sign for its 7th Season following a round of criticism over the average music produced in Season 6 .The throne was therefore shifted to Strings in Season 7 and they surely proved that they are the ones to continue the music legacy of Coke Studio . With the masterpieces like Chaap Tilak , Sab Akho Ali Ali and discovery of two hidden gems in forms of Asrar and Usman Riaz , the music of Season 7 still is fresh in our playlists . This time they are back with season 8 . The preview of artists with the song "Sohni Dharti " has already set standards high for Strings and produced enough Goosebumps to check out in Season 8 . 
The first episode was released on 15th August on the official page of Coke Studio . Lets see what treat it does offer to Music ! 
Aankharli Pharookai , Mai Dhai and Karam Abbas
Mai Dhai first featured on music scenario with Sketches introducing her in Lahooti session and what a journey for her has been . Belonging to Thar , Sindh she has stayed quite true to her traditions and is a powerful vocalist in singing songs of ancient folk tales in Thari language . Karam Abbas on the other hand is new inclusion in classic music scene of Pakistan . Both provide an thrilling and energetic performance in this rendetion of a thari folk song on a lover longing for his loves return . Mai Dhai's energetic vocals are surely a treat .
Whats Good : Mai Dhai vocals and fact that Coke studio first attempt on local languages ( thari ) of Sindh . Do listen with subtitles to understand
Drawbacks : Karam abbas is not given space to showcase his talent and just acts as supporting in this song . 
Our Verdict: You can give it a ear just to listen Mai Dhai powerful locals and Aahad's hard rock take on drums !
Nabeel Shaukat Ali, Bewajah
Its Beautiful , its soothing and its impressive . Nabeel Shaukat Ali yet proves why he was winner of Indo-Pak subcontinent . His beautiful journey since Sur Ke Shetra hasn't stopped since then . The singer has sung 2 or 3 awesome songs but this one is way above the bar . The lyrics , music and the instrumentals used all are awesome . This song is the best pop romantic song produced in Coke Studio since its season 1 . String have hit right on hearts with the lyrics and the music composition . This song is surely to stay in our playlists and Best of Coke Studio list for a long time !
Whats Good : The music ,singing and arrangement are all brilliant . The transaction in music from tabla to guitar to other instruments is essence of this song.
Drawbacks  : None 
Our Verdict : Go for it , you will not regret its any part !
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